Frequently Asked Questions – MyKad Smart Shopper


MyKad Smart Shopper is a loyalty program that uses MyKad as its membership ID. With your registered MyKad you gain access to exclusive retail privileges at our participating merchants’ outlets.

You get to enjoy the retail privileges of earning Cash Points and Reward Points at MSS participating merchants’ outlets. These points will help you to save while you shop. (Note: 1 Cash Point is equivalent to RM1)

As long as you’re a MyKad holder, you are eligible to become a member.

You can register yourself through MyKad Smart Shopper official website or through our affiliates.

The membership is totally free! However, you must have at least 1 transaction in a 6-months period for your membership to remain active. The active period will be reset to the full 6 months after each transaction.

I. Once you have registered your MyKad, the membership activates immediately.

Yes. Your data is protected and the program is endorsed by MDEC.

You may login to the MSS portal through

Access the MyKad Smart Shopper portal, and click on ‘Forgot Password’. Fill in the details and the new password will be emailed to you. From there, follow the instructions given.

Yes. Kindly email to request for a change of MyKad number.

Yes. Kindly email to request a change of email address.

Yes. You can change your password at the MSS portal.

E-PIN is your own unique security number used for redemptions and to void your transactions at participating merchants using the terminal. You are able to change your E-PIN through the MSS portal.

Find our participating merchants through or MSS Discover app.

No. Your points will be credited to your account within 72 hours after you’ve made a purchase.

Cash Points

  1. You may redeem Cash Points at any of our participating merchants for any goods or services. 1 Cash Point = RM1
Reward Points
  1. Exchange your Reward Points for merchandises offered by MyKad Smart Shopper by logging in to the MSS portal. Browse for items that you like and follow the remaining step in the portal to complete your redemption.

Check the amount of points you’ve collected by logging in to the MSS portal and view your points on the ‘Account Information’ section. Alternatively, you can check through the MSS Discover mobile app.

No, your points are bind to your account and not your MyKad.

No, you aren’t able to do so.

Different merchants offer different services. Thus, the point entitlement is solely based on the merchants’ discretion and what they have to offer.

All of your MSS transactions are recorded on the MSS member portal. You are able to view it there

Shop more! The points you collect is based on the frequency of your purchase. The more you shop, the more points you earn.

6 months, if there’s no transaction being made, your Cash Points will be used as account maintenance fees. Your Reward Points will be voided.

Yes, you still can. Just provide the merchants with your MyKad number.

No. You have to present your MyKad as this prevents others from stealing your points.

Just email us at to express your interest in becoming a merchant.

No. There is no reward for introducing MSS to family and friends.

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